Our staff of skilled and experienced writers and editorial proofreaders, can be your customized, Christian Outreach Newsletter and other publication resources, from writing, design and production, to distribution, with very little assistance from you.  We will enhance church and community relations, partner with you and help build-up and empower the broken in your community, help draw the community to your church, market your events, increase church awareness and more!

Inspired by the calling, anointing and assignment of our founder, Apostle, Pastor and Author, Janice Fountaine, we aim to be God's vehicle in assisting Christian organizations to impact lives one word at a time.
Impacting Lives,
One Word At A time
"The seed you sow to a broken person today, may be the seed that heals you tomorrow."

For more information, contact us Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm at (301) 779-1436
or email: jfmpublications@gmail.com - website: www.jfmchristianpublications.com